JavaScript is the language for everything.

Widely used, free and efficient for
applications and website development.

Why JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages. It enables us to develop applications for the web, for the backend, and everywhere. It is an interpreted lightweight programming language with object-oriented capabilities. JavaScript is dynamically typed so it is much easier for beginners to start working with. This same property is its downside also, but there are excellent solutions for making JavaScript statically typed for bigger scale projects. JavaScript powers the web, small-scale backends, and a big chunk of IoT devices, so the language won’t go anywhere soon.

Outcome-oriented JavaScript developers

Javascript developers from Adroit are focused on creating efficient and compact frontend code to achieve fast load times and optimal runtime performance for your web applications to achieve maximum user satisfaction.

How JavaScript let us build apps?

JavaScript is primarily used to manipulate a website once it is loaded and running. This means that for each user interaction, when the web application needs to change without loading a completely new page, the JavaScript code manipulates the DOM (document object model). JavaScript allows us to communicate with the server using a variety of channels and protocols and to use the services provided by the browser (user agent).

JavaScript is one of the fastest-growing web app development technologies

Preferred by several of the largest organizations for developing apps. Because of its versatility, JavaScript is an excellent programming language for creating web apps. It’s essential for the front-end, and a viable option for the backend part.


JavaScript is a lightweight interpreted programming language, which means that the browser only needs to download the source code, and then it can interpret and run it. The interpreter is built into the browser, therefor a user only needs to install a browser once, and then can run web applications with minimal data traffic.

Robust ecosystem

JavaScript is used everywhere therefore there is an endless supply of third-party libraries for all kinds of problems. There are also other programming languages built on top of JavaScript to enhance its capabilities and provide additional features for developers like static type checking and more.


JavaScript is an interpreted language, which means that wherever it is possible to create a JavaScript interpreter, JavaScript can run. Over the years, developers from around the world have made it possible to run JavaScript not only on the web but on any server or even IoT devices.

We are ready to support you with JS

If you need help with JS consulting, you are in the right place. Our high-skilled developers have supported many companies by improving the quality of their code. You can be sure that your product will be checked by the very best, which will certainly help you scale and develop your product faster. Not sure if JS is right to develop your application? Do you need a consultation about your idea? Contact us right now and don’t waste your time browsing thousands of sites.

“I love my job because…We are helping our customers to reach their big goals and dreams. Being part of that, and building something new and cool is really exciting.”
Daniel Bidnay Project Manager