What makes Vue great and competitive?

Vue grants the easiest and fastest way to build
user interfaces with a javascript framework so far.


Writing a Vue app can be done by surprisingly many ways. With choosing the simplest implementation you can write your Vue app within 5-6 code lines. Vue grants really useful automatized solutions such as:

  • - data automatically linked to DOM
  • - watchers on per compoent basis
  • - automatically performance optimized
  • - literally take care all of the configurations
  • - It takes care of all the disadvantages of Angular, and provides more inbuilt functionality than React. You can say it’s the perfect child bornt form the two’s love.


Vue comes with a component-based approach in the form of easily comprehensible reusable single file components.

Instead of separating the code into arbitrary layers, Vue collates components that can be reused. Inside a component, template, logic, and styles are coupled together. This makes the UI component cohesive, portable and maintainable. With the help of this approach we do less repetitive coding, it increases code readability and simplifies testing and maintenance.

Compact and powerful

Vue js framework is extremely lightweight, the bundle size is around 15-25KB. This low bundle size helps boosting up performance and productivity. Vue actually one of the fastest frameworks available for building web interfaces.

Vue js is unbeatably fast to install and you can start working in a matter of minutes. Fast websites makes your users less frustrated, and highly affects your SEO score.

Documentation & Community

Vue’s documentation is one of the best one I have ever seen. The code examples perfectly demonstrate the given features and section for both options and composition api. It has a very easily comprehensible learning guide from basic level to advanced, with a great api reference. The community is huge compared to the fact that it is only a few years old technology, which makes the learning curve even shorter.


In a modern application that has many features, the DOM tree can get extremely huge with multiple nodes. Interacting with this DOM can become a cumbersome process affecting web app performance. Vue js uses a virtual representation of the actual DOM of a webpage, created using Javascript objects. Thus the DOM objects can easily be rendered without modifying and refreshing the whole tree every time, sparing time and other valuable sources.

Two-way data binding

A developer can make changes in the Model layer or the View layer, and the Vue.js framework will make the changes in the other layers. It will keep your code (variables and array values) in-sync across the whole application.

This ensures your data remains consistent. You will be able to save a lot of time and costs in the debugging and testing phase.


The Vue.js ecosystem consists of a core library, frameworks, and other tools that enable frontend development with ease and high speed.

Although Vue, itself is lightweight and minimalistic, it gives all the tools to developers for creating high-functioning web apps. Such tools would be for example: Vue CLI, Vue router, VUEX/Pinia (state-management), Vue DevTools and so on.

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