TypeScript is JavaScript with syntax for types.

Widely used, free and efficient for
applications and website development.

Why TypeScript?

TypeScript is a strongly typed programming language that builds on JavaScript. With strict type checking it is possible to identify and therefore fix problems in the code during build time rather than runtime, which means that developers will find the bugs first instead of the end users. With type definitions, developers are able to understand the interface of other developers’ codes without the need of reading the whole code through. These qualities and unlocked traits immensely increase product quality and development efficiency. The language is developed by Microsoft which means it will grow and become better over the next few years.

Outcome-oriented TypeScript developers

Our TypeScript developers from Adroit are focused on creating type-safe and maintainable web applications, so your business goals are always achieved by reliable and stable applications.

How TypeScript let us build apps?

TypeScript is a strongly typed language that extends JavaScript with extra features and type definitions. TypeScript code then needs to be compiled back to regular JavaScript to be able to run in the browser. This compilation is the process that we can use to check for any errors that violate type or syntax errors. These errors would be unnoticed otherwise if we weren’t using TypeScript because regular JavaScript only runs in the browser without any precompilation. With TypeScript it is much easier to write code without errors and help other developers understand the code without actually needing to read the whole code through.

TypeScript is one of the fastest-growing web app development technologies

Preferred by several of the largest organizations for developing apps. Because of the stability it provides, TypeScript is an excellent language for creating web apps or even back-end apps.


TypeScript extends JavaScript with type definitions that make it easier to write bug-free code by eliminating type-related errors which are the most common in any JavaScript-only applications.


TypeScript allows us to define the interface (inputs, outputs) of a function or class method, which both helps the developer to complete the definition while developing the function itself, and helps other developers to quickly understand how they can interact with that function or method without having to read through the code. This makes development much faster and reduces cognitive load.

Big players using TypeScript

We are ready to support you with TS

If you need help with TS consulting, you are in the right place. Our high-skilled developers have supported many companies by improving the quality of their code. You can be sure that your product will be checked by the very best, which will certainly help you scale and develop your product faster. Not sure if TS is right to develop your application? Do you need a consultation about your idea? Contact us right now and don’t waste your time browsing thousands of sites.

“I love my job because…We are helping our customers to reach their big goals and dreams. Being part of that, and building something new and cool is really exciting.”
Daniel Bidnay Project Manager