Reconstructed Adroit to Construct Finest Quality Software

From emerging as a product startup lab to flourishing as a full-fledged software development company, Adroit Group Kft. has been on a remarkable journey to meet customer demands by providing fantastic software solutions. Let's have an insight into the company's entire success story in the words of Adam Drobinoha - the CEO of Adroit Group Kft.

Aug 9, 2023


Originated in 2013 in Budapest, Hungary by a team of five people - Adroit Group Kft. leads in the country's software development arena and operates in 7 countries worldwide. The company excels in delivering highly technical products worldwide and involves over 50+ potential and experienced professionals in their team, where most are into profound development practices. 

A GoodFirms representative got an opportunity to interview Adam Drobinoha - the CEO of Adroit Group Kft., to review the company's success and learn about his role as the company's CEO.

Adroit Group Kft's Initiation

Mr. Drobinoha initiated the interview by informing him about how their initial team developed 10+ products within five years. Two of their flagship projects went highly successful. But they also learned how difficult it could be to deal with thousands of clients while handling more giant enterprises, enterprise clients, etc.

The team dissolved after a while for some reason, and being responsible for the technical aspects, Adam Drobinoha took the venture ahead, laying the official foundation of Adroit Group Kft in 2019. In the new experience, the team experimented extensively with many different activities but ultimately focused on technical deliveries due to their passion for development. Mr. Drobinoha said they are currently focused on building long-term cooperation with their clients. As a CEO, he is responsible for keeping everything together, looking after sales, HR, delivery, and other operational activities while making strategic decisions to benefit the company and its employees. 

Mr. CEO admits that they handle all of their client projects in-house only. However, they sometimes involve external consultants if they have more significant projects or need to know any specific technology. Their significant efforts, dedication, and commitment towards their clients enable the company to rank as the top IT services provider in Hungary by GoodFirms. Check out their partner companies shown below.

How is Adroit Group Different from Others?

Adam stresses that his company values three critical factors: quality, diversity, and freedom. The team provides flexibility in getting projects done, appreciates diversity, and celebrates differences, creating a healthy environment for their clients and team members to perform and grow. Team Adroit always aims to give 110% in all of their endeavors. 

Industry it Caters and Services Offered

Having a pretty diversified client base, most projects in the company come from the fintech sector and startups. Approximately 90% of their clients are associated with them for one to two years. Usually, the company provides end-to-end consulting, development, QA, and testing services. The long-term web and mobile development projects undertaken by the company, including front-end and back-end development, are also running successfully.

Customer Satisfaction Level and Support Services

Mr. CEO gives 90% marks to their team to retain client satisfaction and gives all the credit to the excellence of their products behind their success. He agreed that they know a company's success lies in its customers' growth, and having successful clients is necessary for them to run for the projects quite frequently, and this doesn't seem like their company's business model.

The support services depend upon the size of the customers they work with. The company uses advanced project management tools for smaller clients, startup companies, and ITSM in Jira for big enterprises to record and resolve client requests. The 24/7 immediate support facility is available for determining DevOps-related issues like server problems, outages, critical alerts, etc.

Positive client testimonials prove how efficient and effective Adroit Group has been on each of their calls and the services & assistance needed.

Payment Structure

After reaching a preset milestone within a specific time or attaining a specific project feature, the company bills the projects on a fixed-cost basis. In the case of team augmentation projects, monthly invoices are sent to the clients based on the timesheet containing resources working on the projects.

Mr. Drobinoha agrees they love working with small-scale companies and startups, as they involve robust processes and techniques to handle small projects. Also, they do one task for charity every year as a part of their Social Corporate Responsibility. The minimum budget set for a project to start is 30,000 EUR. The price of the projects catered by the company in 2022 ranges between 50,000 EUR to 1,000,000 EUR, and the company aims to grow to cater projects up to 2M EUR.

Future Prospects

The CEO seems quite optimistic about the company's future growth. They aim to become Europe's biggest remote-first software development company very soon. Having a 500+ members company where everybody works remotely, enjoying all fun and freedom, is the dream they are making true with their immense hard work.

Here concludes GoodFirms’ interview with Adam Drobinoha, the CEO and Founder of Adroit Group Kft. The detailed interview can be found on the company's profile page on the GoodFirms website.

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